As reported by the Times Union, the reigning hot dog eating champion Joey Chesnut has reached a mile marker: 10 championship titles!  Each year, Nathan's hosts their famous hot dog eating competition down at Coney Island.  And more often than not it seems, Joey Chesnut comes out the winner.  This year, after a whopping 72 hot dogs, Joey Chesnut clinched his 10th title.

Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

I just want to mention the concept of eating 72 HOT DOGS.  For speed. WITH buns.  If you spent your fourth of July weekend around a campfire like I did, you may have had a hot dog or two.  Or three.  I've seen a lot of people start to delve in to heart burn territory after four of five.   So the concept of eating 72 HOT DOGS is beyond the realm of understanding.  I'm not quite sure how it's physically possible.

Sitting around a campfire on Sunday, I actually found myself discussing Joey Chesnut with some cousins, as a majority of us had no clue who he was.  He quickly became the topic of conversation, because, well, why not.  And after a weekend of jaw-related jokes, discussing how much we could all eat, debating having a family eating competition, and ultimately calling Joey Chestnut super human, he went and did it again.  Kudos to the hot dog champ for winning a contest I wouldn't even attempt.