Joe Perry has had his opinions about what his Aerosmith bandmates have been up to lately, but when it comes down to it he just wants to make a new record.

Now that American Idol is over Steven Tyler is free to work on the brand new Aerosmith album that he has been talking about for some time now.  Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry says that he is looking forward to making the new record in an interview he did recently with Creem magazine.

Perry said that he hasn't written anything specifically for this record, but that he is always writing music.  Perry also says that he hopes that they do things the way that they use too, which is write songs that will sound good live rather than just on an album.  They also asked him about the recent break that they took and how that helped him:

The recent break from Aerosmith has been good because I was able to get away from the daily grind. The last five years I have had three knee surgeries, two of which were replacement, all on my right knee. During the time the band was on break from canceled or postponed shows it allowed me time to work on and put out two solo CDs.

No date for a release on a new Aerosmith record yet or when the guys are planning on getting together.  To read the complete article with Joe Perry in Creem, click here.