Yankee fans rejoice.  The Captain is back in pin stripes after some long negotiations.

After long somewhat public negotiations The New York Yankees and Derek Jeter finally agree on a deal.  The 36 year old short stop signs a three year deal with the bombers worth $51 million.

All I can say is thank god.  I know people are probably saying things like, why give a 36 year old coming off of his worst season that kind of money but the answer is pretty simple.  He's Derek Jeter.  He has been the face of the Yankees since the World Series championship in 1996.  More goes into a team than just numbers.  The fact is  Jeter is the heart of the organization and with him there the Yankees are a much stronger.  As a life long Yankee fan I welcome back the Captain with open arms and can't wait to see him on the field this year. There aren't many guys like Jeter left in baseball.  Players like Jayson Werth signing ridiculous deals with no sense of team, chasing the almighty dollar.  Not that I can blame them.  If someone held millions of dollars out on front of me I would take it, but I give players like Jeter credit for sticking around.  Players like him, Chipper Jones of the Braves and Joe Mauer of the Twins.  Did the Orioles need to keep Cal Ripkin Jr around for so long?  Probably not, but could you ever imagine him in a different uniform?  Bottom line, we need more players like Derek Jeter in the MLB.  Ones with loyalty, class and team pride.