Jesse Sawyer, the Troy man wanted on child pornography charges was caught in Florida on Thursday but was later released by police has been apprehended again!

Updated 6:00 PM 3/28/14



UPDATED 2:40 PM 3/28/14

Reports coming out of Florida indicated that Sawyer is in police custody again.



Sawyer is accused in a federal arrest warrant of taking 'selfie' pictures of himself sexually abusing children, with one victim under the age of five. He has been at large since last week and the manhunt has taken place in several states including neighboring Massachusetts.

Troy Police received a call from someone claiming they knew were Sawyer was Thursday night. Saying that he checked himself in to Calvary Chapel mission in St. Petersburg using his real name.

Pinellas Police were contacted and they were able to detain Sawyer but would release him a short time later.

How could this happen?

According Pinellas Police's chief, the department requested electronic evidence of an arrest warrant for Sawyer. After approximately an hour, they hadn't received one and released the suspect.

Troy Police say they met the request within a reasonable time and the release was premature. The FBI called with confirmation of the warrant shortly after Pinellas Police released Sawyer. Helicopters and K-9 units were put on the hunt but to no avail after police returned to the place they dropped Sawyer off at..

No further updates are available at this time. Sawyer is considered to be on the run at this point.