Cast member Ronnie got into a bit of a scuffle during season one of the hit reality show.  Now the law as finally caught up to the juice head.

We all know the drama associated with Jersey Shore.  Snooki drinks to much and starts a fight, The Situation gets turned down and starts a fight, somebody screws with Pauly D's hair product and, you guessed it: starts a fight.  This time getting into a fight has caught up to cast member Ronnie.

Ronnie got into an argument with a man on the street during the first season of the show and subsequently knocked him out with a single punch.  Awesome for TV, bad for Ronnie's rap sheet.  He was indicted on assault charges on Thursday and came public with it  on Friday.  No lawyers have been set yet, but something tells me he will be in a bit of trouble and no doubt handing over some of that cash he "worked so hard for".  This kids, is why we turn the other cheek.  Unless someone messes with your hair product, then its on.