Two weeks ago, I blogged about my most favorite band The Used and how their new album is in the works. Earlier today an interview between Noisecreepand Used bassist Jeph Howard was released. Jeph discusses tour secrets, rituals and other things about members Bert, Dan and Quinn.

The Used are a musical quartet from Orem, Utah, and their lives basically consist of writing, touring and often shooting videos for their fans to see what's up "behind the scenes." The following interview gives a little insight as to what the boys do for fun and while they're on the road.

Noisecreep: Your lives are obviously so consumed by music. What are some of the other things that you guys are into when you're not on the road?

Jeph Howard: I play a lot of games. That's kind of sad to say. I'm the nerdier one. I research a bunch of crazy stuff like ancient civilizations and ancient ruins. I'm kind of obsessed with ruins and ancient society and forbidden archeology -- stuff that is sort of swept under the table. Stuff that doesn't fit in the line of history, you know, where it's supposed to go. We started as a small culture, not even a small culture; we started as hunter-gatherers and turned into this huge society, but there's all this evidence that points to [the fact] that maybe we're not the biggest civilization that's existed, or the best civilization. Maybe it goes in waves and so much stuff is lost. It's kind of interesting really, if you look into it. There's all this proof of all these hidden things that aren't really hidden, but just sort of swept under. People start getting called jokes because they come forth with these things. Sort of like Galileo. Back in the day, Galileo said, 'The sun doesn't circle us, we circle the sun,' and they killed him. They're like 'No, come on, you're crazy.' And now it's kind of the same thing going on, but they're not killing people of course. They're destroying their careers instead. It's kind of an interesting thing.

This is just the beginning. To read the entire interview, go here.

The Used also want to ask their fans to make any donation they can to help relieve Japan after the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

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