Halloween is just six days away and whether or not you already have your costume I have put together a list of my five favorite and sexiest looks that will get you noticed at the party and might even get you the title of best/sexiest costume. Enjoy!

This is a cute and sexy costume that is almost guaranteed to be the only one of its kind at your shindig. It is a one-shoulder dress with a faux skirt and clockwork details, complete with matching choker necklace and bracelet. The goggles on her head do not come with the costume, but they aren't too sexy to begin with anyway.


Party City


This sultry, very unprofessional SWAT team costume comes with the dress, gloves,

armband and garter belt. Any building you walk or bust into in this get-up will surely turn all heads long enough for you to arrest all those bad boys.




Party City

You will look irresistible in this adorable and sexy lollipop girl costume, complete with dress, headpiece and gloves. You have to get your own lollipop, but don't worry, all the boys will want a taste. How many licks will it take?





This shiny little number will no doubt get you noticed. It comes with the dress, hat, dollar sign necklace and cute little tool belt for your "digging." Just make sure the guys know you're only playing a part and aren't a true gold digger. OK, even if you are don't tell!





This one is hard, because this type is my favorite, but the all-black leather sex kitten is also very sexy. It pretty much speaks for itself. It's pretty pricey all around the board but can be purchased via eBay for a lot cheaper. It is a leotard with sleeves and a hood and leg warmers. You can be sexy and warm this Halloween!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?