Drink it up kids, this is your new role model twitching and slurring away on TV. Check out porn star Jenna Jameson babbling away like a champ on local daytime television about her new book, “Sugar.”

If you liked young, sexy, naked Jenna Jameson, just wait until you get a glimpse of train-wreck city Jenna. She is, by far, my new favorite. Not only does she have the face of a catcher’s mitt that had been stretched out over the opening of a garbage can like a snare drum, but she’s also a respectable author.

The thing I love most about this segment is it’s not your standard interview. I love how unlike most interviews, when the host of the show asks a question, instead of answering it Jenna spits out something from far left field.

For example:

Host: “So the adult industry was good to you?”

Jenna: “I made my… my whole entire life was…taken care of..I did it."

Also, I can’t exactly get a read on what is going through Jenna’s brain during this whole thing. It appears that she is plotting out the perfect way to pounce on these two hosts and eat their brains. There is 100 percent some cannibal/zombie-esque mannerisms in this chick’s eyes.