I really want to believe that this is for real, but I've been so jaded by the internet over the years I big part of me knows better. For the sake of conversation let’s just play that this whole Jeff Gordon test drive prank is real. If it is real was it mean of him to trick this dude and scare him into pooping his pants?

Now way was this mean. Used car salesmen are the worst. This guy did not respect “Mike” (Jeff) as a person from the start. All he saw was a potential commission. Jeff told the guy straight out that he wasn't sure if he could handle the camaro but did that stop old Tom Bosley over here? No he talked him into driving it and basically forced him to take it out. If you ask me this tubby sweater vest got everything he deserved. Sure it was risky business making the heart of a man that large jump through his comb over, but that’s a small price to pay for good Pepsi entertainment.