Ohhhhhhhh, the weather outside is frightful! So, let's take ourselves to a magical place! A place where two lovely ladies surprise you with the greatest question of all time: 'Hey you, pick one of us to take home tonight?' Booooom!

Hump Night's (Wednesday) festivities involved two lovely pieces of tail. One being Jayden Jaymes and the other: Aria Giovanni. Based on your votes, and little head, Jayden was chosen as your Wednesday night 'Pump'. Nice work you sly fox, you!

Peep the results here.

Tonight's Main Event:

We say so-long to Aria and welcome, dun dun dun: Jessica Alba- Yeah I went there! We have porn-star vs. movie star. Random thought: Could you imagine this happening in real life? Holy smokes, the internet presses would be a blaze with leaked videos and god knows what else. Let's get it on!!!

Ding Ding Ding!!!