Pump or Dump is fitting for Hump Night, no? Picture this: You're in a bar on a random Wednesday night and out of no where two random beauts appear and present you with a question: 'Which one of us would you take home?' You're like: 'Ummm, thank you thank you thank you.'

So by now you're realizing that this is the real deal. Not bad for a random Wednesday night ehh? So who you taking?


Tonight's Main Event:

First we have Jayden Jaymes, who by the way turns 27 on the 13th. Jayden has made several 'movies' (209) in her adult film career and is often outspoken about the ups and downs (no pun intended) regarding the porn industry. Frankly, does Jayden need any introduction? Nope!

Welcome Aria Giovanni to the flo! Aria is one of those chicks who shows you what she's working with but doesn't get all personal. You know what I mean? She keeps you guessing a bit- Playboy- check! Penthouse- check! Worth taking home on Hump Night? You tell me!

Ding Ding Ding!!!