Jay Cutler may be the most mediocre quarterback in the National Football League, but somehow he ended up with the super hot Kristen Cavallari. The two were all set to be married, but Cutler mysteriously called off the wedding.  The reason why is astounding.

Jay Cutler and Kristen Cavallari.  A match made in heaven, or so they thought.  Now it looks like Cutler has left her high and dry.  After celebrating their engagement this past weekend Cavallari got a very rude awakening when Cutler called everything off out of no where.  Not that I am surprised, the two knew each other for a whole 10 months (including their engagement).  The reason why has my head spinning though.

According to one source, Cutler told Cavallari that his ankle was hurting him and he could no longer stand at the alter.  I don't know how true that actually is (sounds like a bit of internet fun to me), but if it is that's pretty ridiculous.  The bottom line is that Jay Cutler got cold feet and broke this poor girls heart.  Turns out he is just as unreliable as a fiance as he is a quarterback.

I don't understand how the two ended up together in the first place.  Cavallari is a beautiful woman who could have anyone and she decides on Jay Cutler?  The dude always looks like he just rolled out of bed and has a look on his face like he could careless.  Plus he acts like a total baby on and off the football field.  In the end, she is way better off without this guy anyway.

I do feel bad for her.  A source close to her told People Magazine that she is absolutely devastated.  Buck up kiddo, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and some of those fish are way better looking than Jay Cutler anyway.  Verdict: DOUCHEBAG