Local drummer Jason Bitter of Shadows Falls (Anthrax, Sludge Factory, Burning Human ect) isn't happy with Halestorm's winning a Grammy in the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance category.

Here is what Jason Bittner had to say:

Well I know I'm gonna get a lot of sh-- for this but I just don't care anymore.... How the F--- does Maiden, Megadeth, LOG, and my "other family" ANTHRAX lose the Grammys to
________ (not gonna say the name)!!!! Sh-- is rotten in the music business and this proves it!!! And I thought the Jethro Tull thing in 1989 was bad enough but this beats it hands down!!!



It's true that when I think Metal, Halestorm is not one of the bands that pop in my head. But maybe the real problem here is that the industry should start breaking up these categories   . I know you run into the problem of slowing down the Grammys. It's has to be something where you weight the pros and cons. Halenstorm is good peeps and I glad that all their hard work has paid off. But I see where J.B. is coming from too.