It's not a Halloween costume or a clever internet prank.  It's just a severed hand holding your iPhone.

Not only that, but it's a CHILD'S severed hand holding your iPhone.  Get your credit cards out NOW!  Who wouldn't want this delightfully morbid product to show off to family, friends, and coworkers alike?!  For a mere $64, you too can be as creepy as Gary Busey hiding in your closet!

There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason for producing, much less owning, this product.  I don't even want to try an attempt a guess as to what the purpose of this design was intended for, but besides being creepy, expensive, bizarre, and awkwardly morbid, it's just not practical!  I could make some stereotypical comments about Japanese people having already created everything on earth that we use in everyday life, but why bother?  This one goes beyond the scope of anything unusual and utterly ridiculous I've ever seen before.

This whole smartphone/android epidemic is getting out of hand (no pun intended).  I may be dating myself a bit here, but what happened to just wanting a phone that makes phone calls.  Isn't that all you really need?  A product designed to do exactly what it's supposed to and nothing else?  Not to mention another article I discovered yesterday uncovered android malware designed to record your phone calls without you even knowing about it.  No, thanks!  I'll take my archaic phone that not even a would-be thief would consider stealing.  Added bonus: No hand-held case required (pun completely intended).