A jailbreak in Brazil was ruined all because the belly of the prisoner trying to escape was too large. 28 year old Rafael Valadao and a cellmate created a hole in their cell with a shower rod. The cellmate made it out because he was skinny enough to fit through the hole. Rafael wasn't so lucky.

Rafael became wedge in the hole due to his bulging belly's size. Amused guards found him stuck in the wall, his lower half in the hole and upper half sticking out.

Guards had to call the local fire department to help free Valadao by widening the hole. He suffered a broken rib, was treated for the injury, and returned to his cell.

His cellmate? Well, he made it over the hall and is still on the run.

On a side note: I use Google Chrome and the website I oriinally got this story from had to be translated from Portuguese and I deferentially had an interesting time trying to understand the translated sentences.