This week 'Saturday Night Live' finally had a decent musical performance by former White Stripes frontman, Jack White.   He performed a couple songs off of his new album, including the single 'Love Interruption'. 

For the past few months SNL has been disappointing when it comes to musical guests.  People were begging to be rocked, and Jack White came through.  Now sometimes Jack White can be a little odd, but he brought his unique style of rock music to the SNL stage.

When he released the single 'Love Interruption' off of his upcoming album I immediately loved the tone of it.  Bluesy with some grit to it.  It translated really well in the liver version, where he was backed up by an all female band.

He also performed another new song, which had a White Stripes feel too it called 'Sixteen Saltines'. This was just a straight up rock song with some balls too it.