My we have come a long way since the days of dressing up like clowns, ghosts and hobos as we did in our youth when it comes to Halloween.  As a man whom didn't own a cell phone until the early 2000's, the costume that iWound came up with blows my mind! Make way for the most creative costume - you can see your heart beating through your chest!

The iWound appears to be just a latex fake hole you can place on your chest. In the latex piece is a spot to put your phone.  You can get a beating heartbeat ap (or the video shows you several choices) and you look like your heart is exposed, beating through your tethered shirt! Amazing stuff.

Basically all you need to buy is the iWound, then grab yourself an old shirt you no longer want to wear, some fake blood perhaps from the local Costumer over on Central and you're good to go.

How amazing have costume comes thanks to technology?  What other costume ideas could do with the iWound?