It is officially our favorite time of the year!!! FOOTBALL!!!! That time where Sunday TV belongs to us, where the trash talking starts, where planning out your snacks, beverage of choice, and comfy pants rule!!

It seems like a long time coming. All the talk about Tom Bradys balls is finally behind us, and now we can concentrate on the upcoming season. A season that sees the return of Adrian Peterson, a diminishing Peyton Manning, and a new catch phrase...."DEEZ NUTS!!".

There are a lot of good teams this year with very few that are given little chance to make the playoffs. So, whose going to win it all? Vegas has the Packers and Patriots as the most likely to go all the way, but what the hell do they know? All of our teams are even right now, unless your a Redskins or Titans fan (you guys are a mess), and we can all dream of buying overpriced t-shirts with our teams logo and the Lombardi trophy on it.

So come on, let us know who you pick..........

P.S. - To be fair, my pick is the Steelers.