Listen, I'm all about furry cute animals, especially the ones you rarely see unless you hit up a zoo. I'm drawing the line with the Kangaroo though. I'm not even gonna mess with that brand of sneaker anymore. Sure, they have a pocket attached to their gut so they can whisk away their young in a moments notice. That's cool. But after watching this video, I'm creeped the F out.

So, dude is watching his dog bark at a Kangaroo. It's all fun and games until this thing tries to drown his 'best friend'.


Did that not creep you out? Did you look at it's hands, paws, whatever they are? Homie was like 'I'm going to slap the ish out of you Fido then drown your ass. I don't know, the whole thing creeped me out.

Hey Australia, have fun with your hopping little friend. I'll stick to a crazy cat or even better- I'll stick with my kid.