I haven’t determined yet if this is some clever voiceover work or a brilliant marketing video to attract young racist kids to Christianity.

The idea that a few old white folks would sit down and try to write a rap using the N word does not sound improvable to me. However, I also see this just being a normal crappy Christian rap that some internet trolls got a hold of and made a few unique changes. I’d rather stick with option A for the sake of loving the level of ignorance in these people and for my own enjoyment.

If you want to reach a younger audience to draw them into your religion there are better ways to do it then blatant ignorance and bigotry. Try adding neon lights to the outside of the church or dress JC up with some super fly skinny jeans. Think of how many young girls will come flocking to the church if they see Jesus Christ straight chilling on the cross looking like Cody Simpson.


Ps: After watching it a 2nd time I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a comedy sketch and these old people are brilliant.