I know the girl on the shoulders is a common sight at rock shows, but what about when a Bro wants to get a better look at the stage?

Over the weekend I saw the Offspring in concert and two middle aged men with bleached hair wasn’t the strangest thing I saw there. I looked around and noticed several times Bros sitting on other bros shoulders. It was at the third sighting I decided to take a picture and ask the masses their thoughts.

Is it gay to sit on another dude’s shoulders without a shirt to see the stage better? I say “No”. There is nothing wrong with a Bro helping another Bro out at a concert. This act of kindness is often known as a “Bro Job”. Let’s say you got to the show late and now you’re so far from the stage all you see is the backs of sweaty fat people’s heads. Most people would cry and deal with it. Not these bros! These dudes took the initiative and used their heads to make the most of the situation… given their heads might have another man’s coin purse pressed on the back of it but they will see the stage just as “Pretty fly for a white guy” plays.

So is it gay to sit on another man’s shoulders? I say “No” and I think the German Olympic team would agree with me.