Hold the phone, stop the presses, let your kids starve to death. A rich 40 something year old rap mogul could quite possibly be banging a 20 something year old supermodel? Get out of town? You mean to tell me a dude responsible for one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time still has the clout to score a hot bouncy (literally) model chick? Stop it now!

So the kid who asked Kate to prom isn't in charge of making Kate 'oodle over his noodle' late at night? What gives?

This chick is killing it in the press, on the net, and everywhere in between. Of course Diddy is the next step- You think Verlander has loot like that? Not a chance. You think that prom kid has cash to make Kate scream? No way!

Of course, Kate is denying it like crazy but come-on, it has to be true- the internet says so


Food for thought:

Diddy is most likely showing Kate why he's a 'bad boy for life' as you read this, right now  ;-)