Jake Davidson, some noodle armed high school kid asked Kate Upton to his prom via twitter. And today Kate posted a shocking response. Well not exactly “shocking”, more of a safe “good for publicity” response. Jake Davidson who uses the Twitter handle @JakeDavidson23 made a half ass video montage explaining to Kate why she should go to prom with him.



The video is a good move i cant disagree with that. if nothing happens and you don't go to prom with Kate Upton. No Big Deal! however, if it does work and she says yes, well then you full fill the fantasy of every teenage boy and middle age creepy dude on the planet.

Jake tweeted the video at Kate Upton.  And a few days later, Kate tweeted…


So what’s this all mean? Is she really going to prom with this dude? The answer was open ended right? She said how can I “Turn down” that video but she never said or wrote the word “yes”. She then adds “I’ll check my schedule”. So does this mean if on the day of the prom if she has to have sex with a
Carl’s jr. cheese burger on camera or something similar she can’t go? Will poor Jake Davidson be left acne faced and empty handed? Or will he get to squeeze those cartoon sized fun bags against his face while he and Kate Upton slow dance to Celine Dion?