Earlier this year we learned that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was being added to the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, which is due out next summer.  They have been very secretive about his role, so could he be playing the boy wonder?

A film that has a ton of buzz surrounding it is the third, and final, installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises.  Christian Bale is back as batman/Bruce Wayne and he is joined by Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Tom Hardy as Bane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as who knows.  Right now IMDB has him listed as playing John Blake who is just an detective.  That could all be a cover up though.

In an interview with MTV, he gives suspicion that he could be playing something or someone different.

So is he going to be playing Batman's sidekick? I suppose only time will tell since they are keeping things wrapped pretty tight on the movie set. I could definitely see Levitt playing the boy wonder since he sort of fits the build. If he is playing Robin, Nolan better keep it dark like the other films. That might be hard to do if you incorporate a kid sidekick though.