I know I’m a little late to be posting this but there is no way I'm as late to the dance as CNN was at asking the question of “Where is Amelia Earhart?”

I saw this on the TV screen at the gym about a week ago and just remembered I snapped a picture of it. There was no sound and I have no idea what the context of it was. I assume this was in relation to the missing Malaysian airplane but who’s to know for sure. The only thing I know is that CNN is asking the hard hitting questions 77 years too late.

I do have a theory that maybe Amelia Earhart is suddenly hot news again and this is a big deal. I don't read the paper so perhaps Earhart is popping up all around the world Tupac style and it's just now being brought to light. This is either wishful thinking or the way our world is turning. Who's to say?