Marvel's 'The Avengers' took the world by storm a few months ago.  Now DC is looking to capitalize by doing a movie teaming their biggest heroes, and have hired a writer!

In the eyes of most comic book fans, DC has always been second to Marvel.  The characters were kind of hokey, but in 2011 they decided to do a complete reboot.  They started over on everything.  A lot of that had to do with the success of the Christopher Nolan Batman films.  Now DC is kind of cool again.

Obviously they don't want Marvel to have all the glory.  Batman has been their saving grace.  Now DC is set to release the final chapter of that, while a Superman reboot is on the way as well.  So will we see them together in a 'Justice League' film?  It looks like that's the case.

According to Yahoo Movies, Warner Bros has hired a writer to get writing a script for JL.  However, we might not see Christian Bale reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman for it.  Despite it's success, Bale seems to want to distance himself from the role for a bit.  No cast list yet, and a director hasn't been named.  We are in the infancy stages, but it looks like we will have a 'Justice League' movie in at least a couple of years.