With all of the news about Hurricane Irene catching the East Coast a little off guard, some local stores have a hard time keeping supplies on their shelves while everyone does last minute preparation for the big storm.  For ol' Monte, Irene brings back memories of another major storm from my youth.

Back on October 4th, 1987, the East Coast got hit by surprise with a major snow storm, the earliest snow storm ever recorded hit us here in New York.  As much as 20 inches of snow fell in early October, over a month earlier than anyone would be prepared for.  As a kid, I recall being one of the 300,000 people without power.

According to the New York Times article, McFadden states: "The Albany County Airport was closed for much of the day and, because of a power failure that was expected to last until today, later flights were detoured to other airports. Many smaller Northeast airports also were closed. Metro-North trains were stranded by as much as two hours on some routes". McFadden continues, "Virtually all roads in Columbia and Dutchess Counties were closed."

In 1987, there was no Internet.  I don't recall having cable back then either.  This was a storm that literally snuck up on my family.  We weren't ready.  We had our old school battery operated radio out to listen to an AM station for updates.  Blankets were hung in dooryways and rugs pushed up against the cracks in the doors to keep out the cold air.  We had toast cooked over the gas stove using tongs. Thankfully, with today's technology, we have numerous ways you can keep up to date with the storm system and be prepared for any possible damage. If Irene hits the way everyone is telling me, I'd imagine that Sunday afternoon without power will absolutely remind me of 1987, in more ways than one.  Does anyone remember how to play UNO?!  - And a big thanks to my mom for the sweet 1987 Polaroids.