I almost wish the world did end last month because then we wouldn't have to be alive to witness more asinine inventions like this one

Congratulations parents it's yet another way to rot out your child's eyes. I guess it's not enough that they stare into a screen when they watch TV, play, eat, etc. Now they will have even more opportunities to be a digital child with the new iPotty.

A lesson every child has to learn- using the potty. For generations parents have used candy bribes and fishing for Cheerios as a means to get their kid to pee in the potty. I guess even that isn't enough anymore. The iPotty ($40) is a traditional portable plastic bathroom, only it has a place to hold your (or probably your two-year-old's) iPad to keep the kid occupied while you play the waiting game. Is this a stroke of nature-calling genius or the next stupid thing to be flushed down the toilet?