Mental Floss recently released a video featuring facts of the 50 state capitals. When finally reaching the part about Albany, it was rather quick and said our main stake to fame was perforated toilet paper was invented here.

There has to more interesting things about Albany. I mean, the city has been around 1686.

Searching around the web, several interesting facts were found that I didn't know but we'll start with some well known ones.

  • State Capital

    Albany became the state's capital in 1797. The city is actually one of the oldest surviving settlements from the original thirteen colonies.

    Another interesting fact, the state Capital has 17 stairs on the western entrance and 77 on the eastern entrance. This in honor the year 1777, when New York created the current state government replacing it's colonial government .

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  • Fur Trading Post

    Albany's original name was Beverwijck and founded by the Dutch as a fur trading post. The English took over in 1664, renaming it to Albany in honor of the Dutch of Albany.

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  • Washington Park A Cemetary

    Before Washington Park become what we know it today as, it was the State Burial site housing close to 40,000 bodies. Those buried there were relocated to the Albany Rural Cemetary in the 1840's.

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  • Great Literature

    Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick, once lived in the pink house next to McGeary's, just north of Pearl Street.

    Also, 'Wicked' author Gregory Macguire was born and raised in Albany. He graduated SUNY Albany.

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  • Invention

    Albany is not only the home to perforated toilet paper but also is home of the very first plastic compound used in billiard balls.

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  • Largest Weathervane

    The Half Moon weathervane on top of the SUNY Building is North America's largest; clocking in at about 800 pounds.