Everyone in Incubus has been pretty busy since they announced going on hiatus. Chris Kilmore has been hitting DJ circuit, Mike Einziger recently scored an independent film, while Ben Kenney and Brandon Boyd are both working on solo albums.

Boyd recently spoke with Billboard about his second solo album, which he co-wrote with producer Brendan O'Brien, saying "It's awesome. When you hear it, you'll probably be reminded of sailors riding unicorns and unicorns farting beautiful gift making elves and things like that… rainbows, pots of gold… stuff like that." (What?)

The hurtle right now is finding a record label to release the new effort. Boyd followed up with "I'm ready for it to come out now but there is all this logistical stuff that has to take place before it can come out. That part kind of sucks."

After it is released Boyd will hit the road in support of the new album, saying he will play for "whoever will have me" and that he will open a show for anyone. He would, however, love to play with The Rolling Stones or U2.

Be on the lookout for the album to hit store shelves and digital retailers sometime this summer.