Saturday, oh Saturday. Saturday's are fantastic. A: It's an official weekend day. B: It was about 50 degrees. C: Maria Brink and her band In This Moment killed it at Upstate Concert Hall. Oh, and when I say they 'killed it', I mean- 'they f------ massacred the living s--- out of our ear holes.

You know, that's one thing I love about Upstate Concert Hall. There is never a bad viewing spot in the joint. The drinks are always flowing and the sound is dead on. I have to say- for a non-arena venue, it really is the place to go see a show.


Also, many-a props to Love and Death, Owl, and All Hail The Yeti who also brutalized our melon holes.

Moral of the story? The day before Easter, at Upstate Concert Hall, was siiiiiiiick!