So, In This Moment were here last Summer weren't they? I remember laughing, singing, dancing and throwing a few punches. Ok, so I wasn't throwing punches but trust me, it happened. Oh, we also drank beers and had an f-n blast.

While Maria and her crew were only allotted 15 minutes (max 20mins) for their set, complaining isn't what I'm doing. I mean, it was Q-Ruption and many-a bands were playing. I'm definitely not complaining.

What am I doing? Well, I'm showing you how awesome In This Moment is LIVE via this pretty bad ass HD cell phone video. I'm also trying to excite the living poo out of you. That will be explained after you enjoy Adrenalize. Boom!


Only a few days till Maria and company take the flo at Upstate Concert Hall, March 30th. If you haven't seen these guys LIVE get your damn tickets. If you have, get your damn tickets HERE.