The idea of sleeping with a cougar is big on a lot of guy’s minds. But ladies don’t just think because you are old you are automatically desirable. Here are some tips that will keep you at just the right frequency.

Women’s Day has constructed a list of things women do that make them look older. I have reviewed the list and taken the most important and placed them in the order as I see fit. My old sweet juicy ladies, there are ways to be old and still look like someone guys like me wouldn’t mind bumping hips with. Even if that my result in your hip breaking.



Not Deep Conditioning Your Hair.

No one wants to sleep with the scare crow from the wizard of oz.

Wearing Old Bras and Underwear.

Nothing turns someone off more than finding out that grannies actually wear the panties in which are named after them.

Wearing Heavy Eyeliner.

Woman's Day claims it makes your eyes look smaller. I say if you are not careful you might angle the eye liner incorrectly and come off as a insensitive racist. Its 2013, let’s be a bit more excepting to everyone grandma.

Baggy Clothing.

Sure leaving the house in your brand new snuggy seems like a good idea at first but it says to the rest of the world “I’m old and I’ve stopped caring. Also if this is what my exterior looks like just imagine what I’m working with under this snuggy!”