Remember long long ago, the sound of fire alarms and what they meant? Yeah, you hear one, you immediately head outside to designated safe spot and wait for an 'all clear.' Once all is clear, you go back inside and do your thing. Apparently, that lesson has been lost!

A few weeks ago someone posted a video of multiple fire alarms at Crossgates. I guess this is a thing, posting videos of fire alarms, but that's not the point of this.


Notice anything? How about the lady pushing a baby stroller just casually heading into a store with no regard to said fire alarm? No regard!

This bothers me for a variety of reasons but let me just stick to my main thought. When you hear a fire alarm you immediately head outdoors, end of story! The lady at :06  didn't even flinch. She's like, 'hey, let me check out this sale first.'


I don't know, ignoring a fire alarm is like driving across railroad tracks when the gates close. It's just not smart! Not smart at all!