The end of December is normally a fun time for everyone. Aside for those participating in any ridicules “Occupy movement”. I love the gathering of friends and family, the food, exchanging of gifts, I even like the cold weather out side that makes the warm inside that much better. However, when Christmas rolls around there is one thing that drives me nuts. The decorating of ones house and yard. Why do they do it?

It’s not just decorating a house with a few lights that makes me mad. The giant elaborate displays in ones yard that I find stupid. This is Christmas cheer? How does decorating your house Spread Christmas cheer? Oh, congratulations, not only do you make enough a year to waste electricity and run up your energy bill, but you also have all the time in the world to set up this pointless display. Thanks for rubbing it in our noses. Oh wait, what’s that? You also had time to program a whole production so the lights correspond with the music you so annoying pump threw your exterior speakers for the whole neighborhood to hear? That’s amazing! Blinking lights on the side of the road, I’m sure the epileptics really appreciate the beauty and Christmas cheer. Thanks for the seizer, when I swallow my tongue, ill be sure to pretend it’s a delicious piece of fruit cake.

I suppose what it all boils down to is I’m not down on Christmas. I am not a Grinch by any means. My anger is more or less directed at Santa for steeling all of baby Jesus’ thunder.