The results are in, and according to USA Today's Super Bowl Ad Meter, Hyundai took the top spot as the most liked commercial to air during Super Bowl 50.

Though the game may have been a little slow, even dubbed by my brother as a "pop warner game," the commercials for the 2016 Super Bowl were on-point and downright hilarious. Realistically, if your team isn't in the game, what else do you watch the Super Bowl for?

Hyundai featured an ad in the first quarter of the game that broke Anheuser-Busch's three-year streak of running the best commercial during the big game, according to USA Today.

The ad was for the New Hyundai Genesis and its ability to be tracked via smartphone or smartwatch. Actor/comedian Kevin Hart plays the father of a daughter who is going out on a date. Hart offers the confident young man who is taking his daughter out the keys to his new Genesis for the night.

Using his smartwatch, Hart is able to track his car throughout the night, allowing him to continuously show up and spook his daughters' date. In the end, his daughter comes home upset because her date ended the night early, and it most like won't lead to another date.

As a 24-year-old, I saw this commercial from the perspective of the young man taking the girl out. He comes to the house, trying to stay cool, feeling good, and when his date opens the door, Kevin Hart peaks his head out with a crazy smile. Meeting a girl's dad for the first time can be an absolutely terrifying experience, especially when the dad is as psychotic looking as Kevin Hart. This poor guy can't ever look at this girl again without seeing the horrifying image of her father in his head.

Do I blame the guy for bringing the girl home early and telling her, what I can assume was, that he will never see her again? Absolutely not! I'd do the same thing! Her crazy dad followed him around all night. If a dad shows up on a helicopter at any point of my night, I'm done dating forever. Drop off the Hyundai and the girl and run my man, run far away!

That being said, the tracking feature, when used the way it was made to be used, is a great idea. The amount of times one of my friends has lost a phone after a long night out and used an app to track it, let alone retrieve it, tells me that this is a great addition to a car.

But, beware to car jackers, vehicles have tracking in them now! Don't be surprised when a gang of middle-aged men with smartwatches show up with bats to reclaim their Hyundai Genesis!