Now that it's getting a little bit closer to hurricane Irene's visit to the Albany area, it's a little easier to see when things are going to happen and for how long.  She has already made landfall in North Carolina and by the end of the day today she will be effecting New York City.  Once she hits NYC she is on her way here, but how badly will we feel those effects?  We will have to wait until tonight to find out.

We are all going to be on hurricane watch for most of the day. Now she is not expected to hit our area until late tonight, so chances are we won't be feeling those effects until Sunday morning.  According to the Weather Channel, she is right on course too.  After she hits NYC and us here in the Capital Region she moves onto our New England neighbors for her grand finale.

It's not clear exactly how long we will feel her effects in the Albany area, but in NYC it could be felt for almost an entire day.  The most important thing to do is not panic though.  Just get yourself prepared and ready to go.  Also keep checking here on our website as we will keep you updated with things as it happens.  She as already landed on the shores of the Carolina's, and ABC has more coverage on that.