The southern portion of the United States has already begun to feel the impact of Hurricane Irene.  This weekend we here in the Albany area are going to start to feel the impact as well, and things could get ugly.

We should start getting ready to brace ourselves now because Hurricane Irene is on it's way.  Today we'll see the first parts of it with some scattered showers and thunder storms on the way.  We get a bit of a break tomorrow, but Saturday is when things start to get pretty messy for us.  High winds, lots of rain, it's not going to be fun times.

According to, the National Hurricane Center says that Irene has the potential to get bigger as it goes, and could become larger than most Hurricanes.  The high winds that it is going to produce could be very damaging, and we could see some downed trees and power lines because of it.  Basically, expect a bit of a clean up if it hits the way they think.  Once it comes it will bring some pretty torrential rains with it.  Here in the Albany area we'll just see some heavy rain, but the potential for tornados are as close as Massachusetts.

We'll have to be on the lookout for floods as well.  All rain is going to run out of places to go, and we expect flooding in some of our regular areas.  Bottom line, if Irene hits us as hard as they say we are in for a pretty terrible weekend here in the Capital Region.   First it's an earth quake this weekend, now it's a Hurricane.  Bring it on mother nature!