It was the moment that we have all been waiting for and it's finally here.  Hurricane made landfall late last night in New Jersey and now has showed her face right here in the Capital Region.  Albany itself isn't showing too much damage yet, but the surrounding areas are being hit pretty hard.

Hurricane Irene is one of the biggest storms we have had to deal with in a very long time.  She began her destructive path yesterday in the Carolina's and today as we wake she is knocking on all of our doors.  Besides a few local closings for safety, we aren't seeing to much of an impact.  We are seeing rain and wind, but not the heavy winds they were predicting as of yet.

This storm is so massive.  As I look at the different weather maps I can't believe that it stretches from New Jersey all the way up into New England.  The heaviest of impacts as far as New York goes is being felt in NYC and then some of the Counties closer to the city.   We are going to see some major flood issues due to all the rain, but right now unless she really picks up we should be okay as far as the strong winds go.

Power outages seem to be a little bit of an issue around the area.  We are getting reports on our facebook page of severl outages around, and multiple ones in Schenectady County.  Visit the National Grid webpage to see a coverage map of all the outages to see if it is effecting you.

Don't forget that you can kep track of the weather with us throughout the storm right here on the website.