Seven Hudson Falls teens have been arrested in connection with allegedly luring fellow students to a location, assaulting them, and videotaping the fights.

In all, three boys and four girls ranging from the age 13-17 years old have been arrested. The incidents were all unrelated but occurred during May of this year; one at a teenager's parent's house, one behind a Cumberland Farms gas station, and the other in the hallway at a high school.

Not all the videos were posted on the Internet, one of them was simply traded around school among students in an attempt to humiliate the victim. Hudson Falls Police Sgt. John Kibling spoke with News10 about this:

After the fight, they would trade the video around school further humiliating the victim.The victim would then come to school and everyone would have watched the video and be laughing.

Kilbling says his department is worried this may become a new trend:

The most disturbing thing here is that there really isn't a motivation for at least the students who are recording it, except for the interest in having your own fight video and being the first one to share it with your peers.

Knowing that a crime is going to occur, recording it when a victim is pleading for help, and then sharing it with your friends is an issue. It’s not only a character issue. It’s a crime.

One parent, who's daughter is being charged, said she was sick of bullies and was taking "matters in to her own hands." Police say that's not the way to go about it. The student should speak with their parents and school about any issues.