I almost got arrested on the way to buy beer! It does not get any better than this!

My roommate and I had decided to hang out at home this past Saturday night. When we looked in the fridge we realized we only had a few girlie drinks in the house so we decided to go out for beers. My roommate was already in his PJs, a pair of yellow pajama pants and didn’t want to go with me but I told him not to worry, he could stay in the car while I ran into the store to get the beer.

We got into my car and headed to the store that was only a couple of blocks from our house. When we got within a block of the store we saw a bunch of cop cars and lights and decided to look for another way out of the neighborhood to go to a different store. We made a left and ended up on a dead end street.

I pulled over to check the map on my phone and see how to get out of the neighborhood we were in when a police cruiser came flying down the road with lights and high beams on and stopped in front of my car. I didn’t know what was going on since we were just sitting there and then I heard the cops voice say, “Driver, get out of the car with your hands up.” I didn’t know what to do but I followed his instructions and got out of the car. Then he said, “Put your hands on your head, interlace your fingers and walk backwards towards me.” At that point I knew this was no joke and did exactly as the officer instructed. After the officer handcuffed me and put me in the back of his car, he told my roommate to get out of the car and cuffed him as well.

After 20 minutes of police questioning us, searching my car and running our information they realized we weren’t the people they were looking for. It turns out that they thought WE were armed robbers. The convenience store we were going to get beverages from had been robbed right before we had headed up there and one of the suspects was said to have been wearing yellow pants. The police let us go and apologized for the misunderstanding.

The moral of the story: don’t have girlie drinks in your house and don’t wear yellow pants.