Once upon a time talking to an 'Adult Entertainer' meant picking up the phone and dialing a 900 number. Of course, you weren't actually speaking to the sex goddess of your dreams, but more, some random person paid to talk dirty to you. My my my, how things have changed.

With the craze of social media being front and center, it's possible to chat with your favorite award winning sex-tress, assuming your favorite sex goddess has won an 'award'. That's beside the point.

Twitter machine

If you aren't familiar with Ms. Martinez's work, let me say- She's a giver, a real pleaser, 'good at her job', if you will. Knowing this, I clicked the link:

Verifiedcall.com Screenshot

First off, the call length section in this photo is classic. I feel like her saying 'hello, this is Missy' would get a dude spun leading to homie only dropping 18 beans. What about the rest of us? You know, the 'I'm not obsessed with her' kind of dude?