When and if you get pulled over by a cop, it's never a good thing. Doesn't matter if you were speeding or in your mind "doing nothing wrong". So when the cop ask you to step out of your car, it's best to do and to go along with whatever he ask. Roger Alvin, on the other hand, was so pee'd off he literally peed on the cop's car.

The officer pulled Roger for an alleged window tint violation near Gainesville, Florida. Roger was asked to step out of the car while the cop searched the vehicle and speak with those in the car. Roger said he told the officer he had to urinate but the officer didn't hear him.  So, while standing in front of the police car, and apparently unaware of the dashboard camera, Roger relieved himself.

The deputy returned to the squad car to see a pool of yellow liquid near Roger's feet. He didn't take too kindly to that and arrested Roger for indecent exposure.

Here's a report, featuring the dash cam video, from WTSP-TV