We all know that travel is one of the worst ways to screw your healthy eating habits.  However, if you choose the right things, and have some control you can still win.

So you've been eating right, and feeling good because you aren't starving yourself.  Easy to do at home, because you have all the right tools.  How about while out on the road though?  Now there's a challenge.  That's something I faced this week while at a conference in Atlantic City, NJ.

A ton of 'bad for you' food was tossed at me, and the easy thing to do would be to just eat it.  Or, you can take the other option and maybe seek out another option.

Just because you are on the road, doesn't mean you have to give into temptation.  Sure, a few treats are okay, but hey, you've earned it.  As far as every meal though, try to control yourself.  I find that breakfast can be one of the hardest meals to eat healthy at.  A lot of the most common breakfast foods are greasy and loaded with carbs and calories.

Now in my case there was a breakfast buffet for me to choose from, so I could kind of pick and choose foods that were going to be good.  Chances are you're going to be looking at a menu, and a lot of the time there will be healthy options hidden on it.  Try and choose those, and if not, at least don't get the meal that comes with three different kinds of meat and is loaded with cheese.

If you can try and eat healthy during the meals, that leaves room for other things.  I was in Atlantic City, therefore there was a boardwalk, and that meant deep fried oreos.  Now there's a treat.