Picture cartons of juice, condoms, yeast, and god knows what else all displayed on a table. While doing that, think about how awesome (sarcasm) you would feel the next day after getting crunk on what seems like a s--- ton of homemade prison booze. Add in the cost of said products and well:  Reminds me of an episode of Trailer Park Boys.

None the less, this seems:

A- Expensive

B-Tastes Nasty

C-A Waste Of Time

See for yourself.


Mmmm, diabetes on a table. No thanks. I want the real deal!

'The Real Deal' is loaded with some pretty tasty craft brews ready for you in one location. This event is sure to make Saturday the 15th rock and roll rather than require an insulin shot, get your advance tickets now for Saratoga Brewfest HERE!