I'm not gonna sit here and type out anything negative about alcohol. We've shared some good times, some bad times, but it's always been available to me since turning 21. The only problem is the hangover, and possible evacuation of fluids.

This brings me to pregnancy. A pregnant friend of mine was telling me about the struggles of finding something she wants to eat and keeping it down. The one time where it was as good on the way up as it was on the way down was cake batter, and this got me to thinking.

I've always been against beer and cake together. It just doesn't work for me. However cake batter could be a whole different story. Jim Koch, co-founder and chairman of Boston Beer Company, has said he uses yeast to avoid getting drunk at tastings, but that doesn't sound like it does anything at all for the taste.

So the next time you're thinking about drinking, hit the cake mix aisle and tell me how you do.