This is 30 something days in a row that gas prices have gone up. I remember my dad asking me a while back if the gas prices were affecting my commute to work, and I said “What am I going to do, stop driving to work?” He suggested maybe living somewhere that was a little closer. I’m very happy where I am and have no intention of letting gas prices make me change my place of living. But who knows if this is ever going to stop. Considering that it’s finally warming up, maybe a bicycle is the way to go. It would take a lot longer to get to work, but it would sure save a lot of cash. And think about how healthy we’d be. If health isn’t a concern, but money on gas is there are now ‘commuter bikes’ that are electric. You just have to pedal it to get it started and then it runs like a mini-bike. Check them out at YNN. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me pedal up to gig this summer with a guitar strapped around my back!