If you love a tiny lady who makes funny faces and rocks a Britney Spears headset microphone then you are going to dig Maria Bamford when she comes to town. If you are a fan of comedy, chances are you have caught some of Maria’s material one way or another watching random stand up acts on TV. Now if you remove the word “random” and replace it with the word “strategically” you can catch her live on May 9 at the Egg (Swyer Theatre).

Resting in a beanbag is the most badass way to get ready for a show. Maria says “forget all the rules” and does things her way. This girl looks potential back issues in the face and says “who needs lower lumbar support” and kicks back in a beanbag like nobody’s business. And if that reason alone isn’t enough for you to go check this woman out on stage, then maybe checking out some of her recent work below might help.

PS: This completely rules!