It was a long day at my "regular" job Friday, as I was anxious to get to the show and enjoy the people and music. After navigating the traffic on 787 to get to the sitter and drop off my daughter and then up to Saratoga and navigating the traffic at SPAC, I made it in alive!My fiance' Kim was with me and we proceeded to walk around taking a look around, as this was my first visit to SPAC. Yes, I have never been there before, till the night of Q-Ruption. I'm sure there is a virgin joke in there somewhere, but I can't find it.

After a while of walking around, we saw The Selfish Needy Creatures signing autographs and getting pictures taken after they had been on stage. So Kim and I walked over to talk to them. I mostly talked to Tommy, who plays Bass for the band. The usual small talk of how was your set? Did you enjoy it? I mostly asked because Kim and I arrived at the end of their set because of the traffic. Tommy then asked if I we wanted our picture with the band taken. I said yes so Kim and I got our pictures taken. It was then after that I got their autographs on the back of my backstage pass. While doing that, someone else had walked up wanting a picture taken with the band. Kim had already stepped off to the side and Tommy said to me, "Turn around, another picture." To which I said, Am I supposed to be in it? I don't know who's photo this is." To which he replied something to the effect of it's not a big deal, it's a picture. That's when I made the joke of "Cool, I get to photo bomb."

So if you are the lucky Q-Ruption attendee that has a picture of yourself and The Selfish Needy Creatures with a dude in a Q103 shirt making a confused face, that was me. And I would appreciate a copy of the picture if you could.

After that, Kim and I pretty much spent to time in the back listening to the music, talking to people and answering questions like "Where are the bathrooms?" as well as "Where are they doing signings?" Both of which I did have answers to and directed them. I felt empowered!

After that and high on my new found power, I talked with Free Beer and Hot Wings, as I saw Zane and Joe earlier and said hi as they were heading backstage to introduce Skillet. From there it was just the hanging out and people watching. I know. I seem more "Old Man" then Monte. But I enjoyed it and I hope you did too. And I can't wait till Q-Ruption 2012.