Corn on the cob is a summer time staple. While everyone enjoys it, not everyone eats it the same way.

Who among us can say they don't enjoy corn? In the summer time it's like crack. You crave it, and at the grocery store there is always a crowd surrounding the display. You pick out the best ears, then bring it home, and cook it up just right.

Everyone loves to dig in, but how do you eat it? There are two popular ways to enjoy corn on the cob, and it's time to find out which way reigns supreme.

There are the side to side people. The best way to describe them is that they look like a human typewriter. Then you have the front to back people, mowing around the corn like a machine. Sure, you could also eat your corn by cutting it off the cob, but why ruin a good thing? So of these two popular ways, which one do you partake in?